Dependent Woman

Me and Snowflake Pro are in a fight.  On the one hand, the software has been awesome in the sense that it enabled me to develop a foundation for my story.  I have a plot, a good sense of my characters (one of my friends is already judging my protagonist!) and I’m excited to work on developing my novel everyday.  Great!

The problem is that Snowflake Pro has made me RELY on it.  I’m an independent woman—I don’t need that drama!  Buuut, I got it today when my beautiful pink computer fell violently off my coffee table.  I’d like to blame Psycho Jack (aka my cat when he is experiencing  “periods of hyperactivity”), but it wasn’t.  I tripped over my power cord when I was half asleep and my computer came crashing down.

Innocent Jack

(Innocent Jack)

The result (as far as I can tell) was that my power cord no longer fit in the socket and my computer died.  The computer with my plot, characters all beautifully organized in Snowflake Pro!  My reaction was like “no, no, NO, NO! NOOOO!” especially since I needed to get the F out my house to catch a bus to New York (where I hoped to work on the thing).  I calmed down and thought “I’ll simply e-mail the document to myself.” And I did.  I got my work out of my broken computer by directing all my frustration into forcing the power cord into the comp.  The thing kept dying on me but whatever except that I CAN’T OPEN THE ANYWHERE ELSE (because a comp needs to have the software for me to open it).  So I thought “I’ll just download Snowflake to my little $300 Notebook that I used to take law school notes on.”  The thing is crazy slow now but whatever.  The point’s is,  I really didn’t like feeling so dependent.  But, unfortunately I am dependent. The good news is, I made the bus and I’m going to work on some more character development after I post this baby.  Have a great weekend!!

1st world problems


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