Everybody’s Doing It!

Apparently everyone is writing a novel in D.C.  I’m serious, the first line in a Washington Post article yesterday about a novelist/state department analyst is “This being Washington, every wonk has a side project.”  And I found about the article because of friend of my friend is also writing a novel while working AND blogging about the experience.  I’m not mad though, I embrace it–which is why I linked  The Manny Diaries for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, so back to the novelist/state department analyst.  She is named Miranda Kenneally and she writes books for teenagers.  I didn’t really find the interview that helpful in terms of advice for me and Manny except for maybe this part:

Does your day job make you a better writer?

D.C. gives you a lot of structure. You don’t succeed unless you work really hard, and you don’t get anywhere if you don’t have drive. But after working a 12-hour day on some summit, coming home and writing a book for teens is relaxing.

The rest is about life in a small town somewhere.  I don’t think she or her books are my style, but I commend her anyway.  Adios!


2 thoughts on “Everybody’s Doing It!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out/link. I liked that answer, but I also liked her answer to “why don’t you just write a biography”…helps with the guilt that this kind of work isn’t “useful” to people. Even if we’re not small town gals, there are aspects of every novel that will resonate with someone in a way a book hasn’t before (hopefully? If it’s any good?). And yeah, everyone IS doing it. Have you read “The List” yet?

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