Kanye West’s Bound 2 Video is a Manifestation of One of My Greatest Fears

Kanye West’s Bound 2 video is a manifestation of one of my greatest fears.

Most of the times when I’m writing or editing my novel, I love it. I love my characters, I love my story and overall I have a great time working on it. But every once in a while I get this panicked feeling—what if this one big horrible idea? What if my ideas are not interesting or innovative, but rather cliché and corny? What if this in-depth narrative that I created—the characters’ back stories, motivations, etc. sound good in theory but in reality is executed terribly?  In other words, what if my novel is just the written version of the Bound 2 video??

I read an interview where Kanye breaks down the Bound 2 concept and it sounded like he put some thought into it. Basically, he was trying to get “as close to a dream state as possible” and to be as “surreal as possible” because “whatever you do, it’s like people want to get into that dream state.”

Ok. Sure. I’m with you. I guess.

But then it’s like he got so into this concept, like TOO into it.  Like he had all these ideas that got him so excited.  They were new!  They were fresh!  Something that had never occurred to him!  This was going to amazing! he thought.

But maybe there is a reason he hasn’t made a video of himself riding a bike in front a bunch of screen savers before.  Like, for example, it’s a bad f-ing idea! I believe the concept was SO bad and SO cheesy that deep in his twisted, creative mind  he reasoned that it must actually be good!

The moral of this story is that that video is why I need some people to read my stuff before I send it off anywhere. It may hurt, but I’ll take your criticism.  I’d rather have a little extra work to do then end up in that valley of unicorns with Kanye.

That’s all I gotta say about that. Short week = short post—have a great holiday!!