A Blog Post on the One Topic I Swore I’d Never Write About

Today I’m going to write about something I said I never would—dating.

In my life, I’ve probably been out on about a billion dates. I like people generally, so usually I enjoy them. That said, as often as it has led me to new friends, dating isn’t supposed to be about that. It’s supposed to be about finding… what? A soul mate? A life partner? Someone who is nice/smart/makes you laugh? This is the question I was trying to figure out recently. (And the answer actually does have something to do with the process of writing this book.)

So I sat down one day and thought about the people who I really, really liked. I thought about the loves, but also those situations they talk about on the Bachelor – i.e., “I’ve only known him for 5 seconds, but I just know he could be the one.” What made these people different from others who may have been better looking or better catches or otherwise made more objective sense?

The answer is that they made me feel inspired.

I mean really inspired. Recently, (which could mean the last 3 months or the last 3 years—you’ll never know!), I met (encountered? Reconnected w/?) someone who made me feel like if I made this book the best it could possibly be, he would actually want me more. If I achieved, that would make him proud. If I became a successful lawyer or fluent in Spanish or accomplished any of the things I wanted to do, he would genuinely see this as positive for me, him and a potential relationship. And that was inspiring. It made me want to dream big. The idea of being in a relationship felt liberating as opposed to confining.

But that’s just one example. Other people have inspired me in other ways. With their confidence, drive, passion, talent. The point is that, in the end, I felt confident that by being with them I would be able to tap into aspects of myself that I may not have been reach without them.

So that’s what I’m looking for- someone who inspires me.  To write.  To achieve.  To do something.




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