Stock Photos and Diversity

Busy week this week, but I came across the blog post below¬†that seems consistent with some of the publishing issues that I’ve been trying to document on my blog. It also reminds me of my trip to the airport bookstore, and the embarassing display of books under “women’s fiction,” “ethnic” and “latino”…


4 thoughts on “Stock Photos and Diversity

  1. This is actually a subject I didn’t realize was an issue. I’ve never considered it.
    But once, when I was searching for grayscale images, I typed in the words ‘black and white’ and most of my results were interracial couples.

      • Well it surprises me. But then I’m somewhat naive. I tend to be surprised by all instances of racism, accidental or otherwise, because a persons appearance has nothing to do with who they are and it’s such a monumentally stupid thing to use to judge a persons character. We should be defined by what we do and how we treat people.

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