Off to My First Writing Retreat…

Hi friends!

I’m currently packing to head to the Washington Romance Writers retreat in Westminster, Maryland.  Where?  A place where apparently no public transit is available.  For native New Yorkers like myself who are afraid to drive alone, this means hitching a ride with my ROOMMATE.  Yup, I have a roommate.  We will meet for the first time when she picks me up.  Thankfully, I’ve volunteered for the Obama campaign before, so this is actually not the first time I’ve been in this exact situation (thanks stranger for that ride to Philly back in ’08!)

Anyway, I checked the hotel amenities–no fitness center, no room service, no spa. McDonalds is listed under the Dining page.   You know what this means though?  That I will actually make progress on my novel this weekend!  Forced to do my least favorite thing-editing!! The final stretch!!

Also, (and this is the exciting part) I will be meeting with two editors at publishing houses (including one at the BIG SIX) and one agent!  Ten minutes each.  And of course Marlene contest winners will be announced. 😀 I expect this to be an interesting writing adventure.  Can’t wait!! (For real though, I think this will be fun…)




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