Dissolution of our Writer’s Group

Sad news everyone. My writing group has dissolved. First we met monthly at a member’s house in Bethesda, then every other week and now apparently never. A couple of weeks ago the host quit, and it was a downward spiral from there. Others responded by saying that they could continue, but sporadically. Maybe I/they could host, but only sometimes. We tried to coordinate a time to meet over Skype, but then one of the founding members of the group quit too. A couple of weeks later our chairperson revealed she had a new baby and job on the way so she would have to step down as well. Finally, on Monday we received an e-mail entitled “Dissolution of our Writer’s Group.”
I have to say, I’m actually really sad about this. I didn’t even want to talk about its slow demise over the blog until I was absolutely sure it was happening. During my Christmas break in New York, I met up with a writer-friend (who has been much more prolific than I’ve been) for some wisdom, and she specifically noted that it was great that I had a group of people to read my work. Technically, I think most people are still willing to provide feedback to anyone who requests it, but I really enjoyed the discussion aspect of the group. I liked both debating about a piece with other people, and hearing others analyze what I had written. It’s also informative to see people’s reactions up close.

We agreed that in three months we would check in with everyone to see how people’s schedules look. My guess is that they will probably look the same, and the question will really be—have you been re-inspired to join during the past three months? Regardless, it’s been a great experience and I’ve made some writer friends, which is nice. More importantly, I adopted my cutie cat Jack (below) from one of the members!

In total, I’ve submitted three stories to the group, and I’ve applied feedback from each session to my novel…synopsis? Yup, I’ve figured out what I’m going to write about. I have the beginning, middle and end in my head as well as the stories behind the two main characters. I even wrote 350 words! But I’ll get into that a bit more another day. Today, I’m mourning the writing group. In honor of that experience, below are links describing the good times. Lata!

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