Lawyer Stress Followed By Writer Rest

I most likely published this post during the height of procrastination period, but let it be known that I am writing this late at night.  I have so much freaken lawyering to do this week, it sucks.  I try very, very hard to stay a calm force is the midst of chaos, but even I’ve been getting a little stressed out.  Like tonight (or probably last night by the time you are reading this)– it was non stop, which is cool because it makes the day go faster BUT tonight was my monthly writer’s group meeting!  I missed it last month to work on a deal, so this time when I was dismissed at 8:30 (and before you start talking ish, I started working at 5:30am ok?) I damn near ran to Bethesda, even though they had started at 7:30.

People, let me tell you, it is like a breath of fresh air sitting in a cozy living room in Bethesda, drinking wine, eating homemade treats and discussing someone’s piece in an honest yet casual fashion.  And of course reading the stories themselves truly is inspiring as well.  I haven’t written anything creative in a while, but going over someone else’s work, and being expected to comment thoughtfully on it really is motivating.  It’s also just a completely different conversation than I have most of the time.  I think in any profession, you eventually reach a point where 70% of what you talk about is somehow related to a specific field.  I remember telling someone once that I “acquired” a pair of shoes, and it didn’t even sound weird, for example.  I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it’s certainly different from those 4 hour conversations about the problems of society that you have in the dining halls in college.  Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why college students are so politically (in the traditional and radical sense) active—they actually have time to think about the world and react!  Anyway, the point is that these meetings are kind of like a flash back to college.  They provide a chance to share your opinion on writing and metaphors and what not, but also to be reflective on life, growth and the media’s portrayal of insert-the-blank.   Ultimately, it’s a much better way to end the day than passing out on the couch with Bravo seeping into your subconscious (although that might happen anyway).

Since I really don’t have any time to read anything, attend any events or make progress on any type of non-legal project, I’m going to leave it at that.  Later dudes!


One thought on “Lawyer Stress Followed By Writer Rest

  1. Totally there with you! Being a corporate lawyer and trying to find time to write is no small feat. I use the “Notes” app on my iPhone a lot- in a cab, on the train, at my desk if I have time between tasks, etc to get my thoughts down and take a few minutes out to write something, but it’s tough! Good luck doll!

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